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Who are we?

Informations about our society

Informations about our society - GLOBAL - CT Limited

At the era of globalization, Global-CT Limited is created to meet the demand of many actors in developing countries, mainly in the French-speaking African countries, to think locally, but buy on the world market. Global-CT Limited is committed to accompany these actors  by providing expertise, particularly in the field of medical equipment.

 Global-CT Limited is therefore directed to individuals or public institutions involved in biomedical equipment, or about to acquire equipment to meet all the goals of the millennium and beyond, in the different levels of health care facilities. Global-CT Limited proposes to work with partners to choices on the world market which is full of possibilities!

Global-CT Limited provides expertise to biomedical equipment manufacturers for better presentation of their devices and help to meet the specific regulations of the countries. Clobal-CT Limited will help to organize the necessary training of professionals or upgrades for the use of these equipment.